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Moltonic began his exciting musical voyage of artistic discovery in 2010 as a drummer and in 2016 as an electronic music producer. Since then, he's been through constant development and experimental sound exploration to shape the signature sound that echoes with his inspiration from the streets of Manchester.


In the music world, there’s no standing still and Moltonic constantly strives to evolve and work with the purpose of offering something unique to devoted fans and followers. He finds inspiration wherever he looks and channels whatever moves him into his music.

His debut EP "Folders" in 2019 is a mix of electronica with plenty of organic sounds, introducing him to the fans with an instantly recognisable signature style. In 2020 during the pandemic he worked on his second EP "Lucid Dreams" further developing his sound and gathering more and more attention.
A few singles have followed after that, such as "Sunset" and a collaboration with the band Navigator Project on the song "Atlas" released on SpaceRace Records.

Moltonic's latest single 'Awakening' has been released in January 2023 through the Dubai based Incognito Records but there's more exciting projects coming soon, watch this space!

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